At Illingworth Ingham Joinery & Timber we offer a range of different types of flooring options to suit all budgets and lifestyle requirements. If you are unsure about what would be the best type of flooring for your needs or budget please ask one of our team, who can provide you with advice on choosing the right flooring and the help calculate how much you will require.

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Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring provides a beautiful addition to your home. With the correct care and maintenance a solid wood floor should provide years of excellent service. Solid wood floors have a beautiful, distinctive character that is very difficult to match with artificial flooring.

Solid wood flooring can be darkened using lacquers or stains or can be lightened through bleaching.

Our hardwood flooring can be machined to order in most hardwoods including Oak and Walnut. We also stock softwood flooring including Pine and Redwood which can provide a more economical alternative.

We wouldn’t recommend solid wood flooring or areas likely to be exposed to high moisture such as bathrooms.


Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is an alternative to solid wood flooring. The flooring is engineered from multiple wood layers and finished with a hard wood surface. The advantage of an engineered wood floor is that due to its construction it is more stable than solid wood floors, making it easier to install as there is less need to accommodate for seasonal movement as this is a much more stable flooring.

Engineered wood floors can have their appearance enhanced through the use of a flooring oil or lacquer. We would advise a lacquer finish for areas of intense use such as kitchens or hallways as the lacquer protects against stains.

Engineered Wood flooring has the added advantage that it is suitable for under floor heating. Engineered wood floors can be installed as floating floors, making them easier to install than solid wood flooring.

We wouldn’t recommend solid wood flooring or areas likely to be exposed to high moisture such as bathrooms.


Available to order


We stock a full range of competitively priced wooden beadings that can be matched to your wooden flooring to create the perfect finish. Available in hardwood and softwood.