Timber Profiles and Mouldings

Timber Profiles and Mouldings

Our profile range includes Architrave, Cornice, Cover Moulds, Dado Rails, Skirtings, Drips and Beads, Feature Cladding/T&G and Furniture Mouldings

We carry a range of the following stock machined timbers but will also machine to order too.

25 x 50 mm       Pattern 80
25 x 50mm        Pattern 311
38 x 75mm        Pattern 118
25 x 75mm        Pattern 70 A
25 x 50mm        Pattern 88
255 x 100mm     Pattern 38
25 x 150mm       Pattern 41
25 x 100mm       Pattern 116
19 x 50mm        Pattern R1E
19 x 50mm        Pattern Chamfer
19 x 75mm        Pattern R1E
19 x 75 mm       Pattern Chamfer
25 x 75mm        Pattern Torus
25 x 75mm        Pattern Sanitary
25 x 75mm        Pattern Regency
25 x 75mm        Pattern 10
19 x 100mm       Pattern R1E
19 x 100mm       Pattern Chamfer
19 x 125mm       Pattern R1E
25 x 125mm       Pattern Torus
25 x 125mm       Pattern Sanitary
25 x 125mm       Pattern Regency
25 x 125mm       Pattern 10
25 x 150 mm      Pattern Torus
25 x 150 mm      Pattern Sanitary
25 x 175mm       Pattern Regency
25 x 175mm       Pattern 10
25 x 175 mm      Pattern Torus
25 x 175 mm      Pattern Sanitary
25 x 225 mm      Pattern Torus
25 x 225 mm      Pattern Sanitary
12 x 100 mm      VJT+G RED
19 x 100 mm      VJT+G RED
19 x 100 mm      BEAD T+G RED
25 x 125 mm      VJT+G RED
25 x 125 mm      SHIPLAP
25 x 225 mm      D SUNK
22 x 125 mm      T+G WHITE
22 x 150 mm      T+G WHITE
25 x 150 mm      T+G RED
38 x 100 mm     PIGS EAR
50 x 20 mm       MOPSTICK
63 x 75 mm       HANDRAIL

If you are looking for something a little more bespoke,
either your own design or to match an existing profile,
why not use our drawing to delivery service.


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sketch of your required timber profile
STEP 1 – You provide us with a sketch, a sample you wish to replicate or even a photograph of the product.

– A Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) is then generated and sent for your approval.

STEP 3 – On the return of your signed drawing the CAD is then used to generate a Perspex template using a 3-axis cutting system


STEP 4 – The Perspex template is positioned into one of our three profile grinders along with a steel cutter blank to produce a precision cutter with a reverse image of your sample.


STEP 5 – The profiled steel cutter is then positioned in a state of the art moulding machines to produce a product that is guaranteed to be an exact reproduction of your timber profile, to your exact specification.